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The Aircraft Operation Section shall perform administration and surveillance tasks and the related study analytic and normative legal tasks concerning: issuance, validation, amendment, revocation or suspension of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) – commercial transport of passengers, goods and mail, Aerial Work Certificate (AWC), Air Operator’s Operating Licence; continued oversight of compliance of AOC holders with regulatory requirements; continued oversight of the evaluation of Air Operators’ internal oversight procedures, and the identification of availability of the required resources and relevant processes in line with the Operator’s quality system documents.


Icar Air
BA 008
Fly Bosnia
BA 014

Application for an Air Operator Certificate - AOC
Application for Acceptance Nominated Post Holders
Pre–application statement of intent
Application for aerial work certificateAWC
Application for an all weather operations AWO operational approval
Application for approval or revision of minimum equipment list-MEL
Application for RNAV approval
Application for RVSM approval


Operational Directive
Notification on issuing an Operational Directive relating to the obligation to submit information on the implementation of training and checking of flight and cabin crew members of an air 
operator holding an Air Operator Certicate (AOC) issued by the BHDCA
Issued an Opertional Directive related to acceptance and implementation of TGL 44 - 
acceptable means of compliance, interpretative/explanatory/material and advisory circurals
joint specifed in Annex VI to the Regulation on Harmonization of Tecnical Requirements and
Administrative Procedures in the Field of Civil Aviation (BiH Official Gazette No. 81/10) - OPS 1
Notification on issuing an Operational Directive relating to the precise definition/explanation of the requirements for the qualified training personnel and cheking of flight crew for an Air 
Operation holding an Air Operator's Certificate - AOC

Regulations, Procedures, Manuals
BHDCA Guidance for creation of operations manual