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The Director General of the BHDCA met today in Banja Luka with the high delegation of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) consisting of Mr. Catalin Radu, President of the ECAC and Mr. Salvatore Sciacchitano, Executive Secretary.

Mr. Djordje Ratkovica, General Director of the BHDCA, took this opportunity to present to his guests from ECAC the current situation in the civil aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular with regards to the areas of Safety and Security, as well as the status of the implementation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Traffic Management (BHATM) Project.

“We have acquainted our guests with the problems that we face here, in particular a lack of professional and expert personnel, recruitment restrictions, as well as insufficient financial resources to be used primarily for training and education of technical staff, which was also identified as deficiencies during the ICAO Standardisation Visit in 2011”, said Mr. Ratkovica, and he stressed that this was the third visit to the Directorate by high delegations of international aviation organizations in the last six months.

“The members of the ECAC delegation, just like the previous two delegations of ICAO and EUROCONTROL, have expressed their full support for the work and efforts of the BHDCA aimed at elevating the civil aviation in Bosnia and Herzegovina to a higher level, as well as for the civil aviation processes currently in progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Mr. Ratkovica said.

The guests from ECAC stated that air traffic is not just about the numbers of operations or airports in a country, but also one of the very important factors is the role of the regulator.

“A regulator in civil aviation must have sufficient numbers of professional, expert and trained staff in every functional area of civil aviation, and in this regard you have our full support, because a good regulator also means a higher level of performance in the industry”, said Mr. Radu and went on to present to the BHDCA, as an ECAC member state, the activities to be undertaken by this organization in the forthcoming period.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of ECAC since 27 September 2001.