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GRF implementation meeting

In accordance with the planned activities relating to the implementation of the Global Reporting Format (GRF), the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) organised a meeting with representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) and representatives of all four international airports in B&H - Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Mostar.

At the meeting, the representatives of the BHANSA and the international airports presented all the activities performed so far and presented a plan and timeline for the remaining activities, including the start of implementation of the GRF on August 12, 2021 until its full implementation on November 4, 2021, taking into account the Implementation Plan prepared by the Global Reporting Form (GRF) Preparation Team for the assessment and reporting of runway surface conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Global Reporting Format (GRF) is a new ICAO runway surface condition assessment and reporting methodology that enables the harmonized assessment and reporting of runway surface conditions and a correspondingly improved flight crew assessment of take-off and landing performance.